Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Break in STG

Well we are back from our amazing 2 week stay in STG with the family! We had a great time just hangin out and relaxing. We were both pretty burned out from school so it was great to be able to take a break. I've decided to just do a picture post and add details here and there instead of trying to remember everything we did.

This is with Jay and Linda Hammond. I have known them for years and I consider them to be grandparents. They lived on the same street as us when I was growing up and I would always go over and watch/talk sports with them. They used to go and watch me play basketball when I was in high school. Basically I just love them.

Ready to open presents!

Now I can go mountain biking and have a nice cushioned ride with my sweet new biking shorts, thanks Carolyn!

A nice purple dress shirt for Jared, he really likes the color

We've been wanting one of these awesome toys, thanks Mike and Carolyn!

I kind of just love this picture, we are cute eh?

All dressed up in Banana Republic! I saw this sweater in their outlet store in Seattle during our girls weekend and everybody agreed that it looked like a Jared sweater, luckily he thinks so too!

Sportin my new basketball shoes, yes!

Okay, so on Christmas day Drake wanted to play with some cars. . . the boys decided to take over and create the ultimate course which included a jump through a flaming hoop! I'm pretty sure the adults had way more fun with this track than Drake did! (See video below)

And of course they decided they should take the jump out the back door for optimum height and distance, haha!

Drake scored in the present department

A mickey cell phone!

He was super excited about getting that Mickey phone, the kid is seriously OBSESSED with Mickey. I think I watched a good 10 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we were down there and I think I am now scarred for life!


Playing his favorite game with my brother Nick. Drake loves to "cully" (color)

On New Years Eve we had fondue with my parents and my friend Carrie who came over. It was pretty sweet because I had never done any other type of fondue other than chocolate. We had steak, chicken and veggies that we deep fried in oil, yum!

Jared's extended family owns a farm up in Washington and they specialize in apples. They brought some down for us a few weeks ago and we decided to make some applesauce out of them because there was no way we were going to eat like 50 HUGE apples! They were seriously the size of small pumpkins! My mom showed me how to make and can the applesauce so we now have 12 jars of delicious homemade stuff! By the way, any guesses as to what was going through Jared's mind during this picture?? Haha, his face totally cracks me up!!

This picture sums up the majority of our daytime activity during the past week. . . college football bowl week!

Now we're back in P-Town ready to start a new semester. It will be a challenge to start getting up early again (since we were lazy and slept in late just about every morning down there!) but I think we are both looking forward to our classes and we're excited to be one semester closer to being done with school! Hope everybody had a fun time over the Holidays as well!

Caution: This video is fairly long and may contain some sarcastic Musso humor and bantering between siblings! I mostly just get a kick out of listening to how intense everybody is about making a sweet race track, and all the cheering, so funny!


Momma G. said...

Loved all the pictures! Stacie, you have a really fun family! Looks like you two had a great time!!! Happy New Year! Love you both!

Justin and LaRaine said...

It was sooo good seeing ya over the Christmas Break!! I'm so glad we all got together! It was a great time reminiscing. Hope all is going well!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Good luck this semester.

K-Rae said...

Haha. I love all the pictures and your commentary. I definitely agree with you - you are adorable!!!u