Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well the past couple of months have been ridiculously busy for both of us trying to keep up with school. This semester has been pretty intense for me the faculty is putting alot of pressure on the grad students to work on our thesis. Run down of the typical school day average of 3 hrs spent on work, 1.5 hrs in class and 4 hrs on thesis with maybe 1 hour of down time if I am lucky. Granted I am getting alot done, but it's burning me out real fast. Jared's schedule isn't much better, typical day for him average of 2 hrs on work, 2 hrs in class and probably 6 hrs on his school projects. Luckily Jared gets done in June and will be on to bigger and better things! We did get a chance to head down to STG a few weeks ago with our good friends Brent and Ashley to go mountain biking. Of course STG is the only place around that can provide you with 70 degree weather in January! Most people are blogging about how great their V-day was, and not that ours wasn't great but we kept it pretty low key. Jared got me a very simple but pretty gold ring a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't wait till V-day to give it to me, so that was the technically the big surprise from him! I am lame and didn't get him anything, but I figured boys don't really expect much. We had a fun night making homemade pizza and just taking a break from school for the night. Hope everybody else had a fun day!

Jared was very excited

The crew

We are hardcore!

Sorry, its a bit blurry

I may have busted a fingernail playing
basketball, who's really surprised about that though?!
And I never really noticed how crooked my fingers are till now!

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