Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cute Video

Wow I've been on a bloggin roll the past couple of weeks!! I was on campus today and I walked passed a little toddler that looked so much like my sister's little son Drake. Whit emailed me this super cute video of him the other day. He's about 2 1/2 years old now and he's been working on saying all of his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles "real" names because he's called most of us by our nicknames. I've always been "B" to him and Jared has always been "Bah" (originating from Whit always calling Jared "Jare-Bear" or just Bear) Anyway, he knows that my first name is Stacie and I'm pretty sure he knows "Bah's" first name is Jared, but he thinks he's pretty funny in calling Jared "Bear" as well!

The beginning of the video is him telling us that he calls their dog a sneaky bugger, haha and that dog totally is a sneaky bugger, pretty sure my bro-in-law wants to drop kick him off their deck!

Today I got observed by my "mentor" faculty lady while I was teaching my class. She's super nice and I really like her, but it's a tad bit intimidating having somebody there watching your every move and you can see her scribbling crap down on her notebook out of the corner of your eye! And my lesson?? Totally did not go how I was originally expecting. Gotta love those times when you have absolutely no idea what the students are saying, I probably looked like an idiot up there but oh well, that's teaching for ya haha!

Another funny note. . . Jared told me that he dreamt he was Harry Potter last night, baha! He went on some mission to kill bad guys and right before he woke up he heard a voice (his reenactment made it sound like a mix between Dumbledore and Snape) say "Well done Harry Potter." haha, so random but hilarious at the same time!


Momma G. said...

Drake is so cute! That was a funny come they get away with "jear bear" when I got in lots of trouble calling Jared that???! haha I'll bet you are an awesome teacher, Stacie!

Rachel said...

"B's name is Stacie. Bah's name is Bear!" How cute.

I totally agree that things always seem to go weird when you are being observed. And I hate the way they are scratching away in their notebooks. I am sure it was all good stuff though!