Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Toy!

We successfully made our first major purchase tonight, found out we both have really good credit and fulfilled Jared's life long dream. . . we got a new (well technically "certified" used according to Jared) car, and not just any car, but a Subaru!! We've made it two and a half years with only one car but now that Jared is commuting back and forth to SLC everyday and given that we'll need another one when I start teaching full-time next year, we decided now was a good time to start looking for a deal! We found the Subi (like Sewbee, pretty original nickname eh?!) this past weekend at a dealership up in Salt Lake, it's a Subaru Impreza Wagon. We both like the look of the hatchback, plus it'll give us more room for all of Jared's mountain man gear. He also likes it because it is a stick shift and he thinks it's pretty cool to go fast through roundabouts and sharp corners, figures. . . Anyway, here's a few pics.

 This is the face you get when you 
ask for a "cool guy" pose baha

 He's so happy!

Demonstrating how the trunk cover thingy works

Ha, this is fitting, we just watched a commercial about a guy who talks about how his Subaru "saved his life" blahblahblah, so Jared looks at me and says, "It's perfect, his Subaru loves him like our Subaru loves us!" haha what are the odds?!


Whitney and Chris said...

Btw... This is monumental!!!! Way to go! I love the subi. Can't wait for my first ride in the new toy!

lehi + sasha said...

ok, i have so many things to say stace.
firstly, the car! now, i'm partially biased because of my heritage, but good going on purchasing a japanese car! ;)

and the header looks amazeballs.

and i just read about jared's new job!! axis 41 is such a well-known company! i hear SO many great things about them. mostly because i'm surrounded by developers and designers. but really. amazing that he's working there now! congrats to you two both for making it big in this world!!

Momma G. said...

Amazing car! Good pick you guys! Love it!

Nashelle said...

Nice car! We are currently in the market, too. Mostly so we have one when mine dies... which hopefully isn't too soon... but then who really knows, right?

PS My husband read this with me and said you guys have great taste in cars. He is even more excited to get one now. :)

Tricia Jeanne said...

Lookin good!!!!!! We LOVE our Subaru and plan to drive it until the day it rolls over and dies!

livvy said...

haha my husband and I just got a subaru impreza wagon this weekend! But ours is dark grey!
-Olivia Larsen