Monday, September 12, 2011

Workin Man

Jared had his first day of work today! I probably should have packed him a lunch, but lets face it, I'm not a morning person and I had to get to campus early to prep for my class this morning! He had to do some sort of new employee orientation thingy for a while but then got to spend the rest of the day designing, so it was a good day overall. We spent the entire evening filling out a bunch of paperwork for taxes and insurance, but it's kind of fun to do it when you know you will actually be getting steady income from now on, it's pretty awesome! 

 First time ever having to fill out a W-4 for a real job!

The cool garage clicker he gets so
he doesn't have to pay to park

We got a nice little surprise tonight. We got a check back from SRAM (the company in Colorado Springs that Jared interviewed with) and they reimbursed us $630 dollars for our gas and milage from when we drove out for Jared's interview!!! We had only spent $170 dollars on gas and stayed with family the whole weekend, so we made out pretty well with these people! I might feel about 2 seconds worth of guilt considering he didn't take their offer, but if they're willing to give us that much for driving out there, then I'm more than willing to swing it by the bank and make a big fat deposit into our account. Ha, Jared asked if he could buy something with the money and I said no way considering we are now responsible for paying back a fairly significant amount in student loans, but oh well, at least we don't have to worry about 630 dollars of it!


Nate and Erin Russell said...

i'm not gonna lie, it is SO nice having a steady income, two paychecks a month. just try to not dwell on the student loans, even though it totally sucks. congrats on the job!

Momma G. said...

Awesome! Nice little treat to get in the mail! Jared, Congratulations on the job and I'm glad you had a great first day!