Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chili, Date Night and other Randomness

A couple of weeks ago I was at church and they sent around a sign up sheet to bring food to a relief society activity. Well I, being the unsuspecting and naive young girl that I am, had no idea that in family wards, they are hardcore about their relief society food.  I was totally willing to make a dish and take it, ya know, like rolls, beans or some other easy side dish, so when the sign up sheet came around I put my name on it. Then I watch as the girl next to me lift up the sheet I had just put my name as she signed her name on the "Side Dish" list. How am I supposed to know that family ward relief societies are much more organized than student ward relief societies, not only do they pass out sign up sheets. . . but they pass out individual sign up sheets for A) Main Dish B) Salads C) Side Dishes and D) Desserts and that I am supposed to lift up the front sheet marked "Main Dish" in order to sign up for something less important?! I swear they do this on purpose, put the main dish list on the front page to catch unsuspecting people like me off guard. I probably could have grabbed it back from the girl and erased my name from the main dish list, but then I would have looked like an idiot for not having read the dang sheet more closely! So I was stuck with the task of having to make a main dish. Now this had to be good people, this was my first family ward RS activity and being new in the ward, if I made something crappy, all the old ladies would probably label me as "that sweet thing who attempted to make a main dish. . . " This is a little traumatizing!

So I decided to make some Chili. When we first got married my sister gave me this really good recipe for Chili that I've made quite a bit the past couple of years, so I thought it would be the easiest, fool proof thing to do in this situation. I figured I'd make quite a bit because other people were smart enough to figure out that they needed to sign up on the "side dish" sheet if they wanted to actually make a side dish, so there weren't too many of us who had signed up for the main dish. The night before the activity I made 1.5 batches of the stuff, which is quite a bit for this recipe. The next day rolls around and this lady calls me up to remind me to bring a main dish. I made the mistake of asking her how many people to plan for, she says "Well, there were only a few people who signed up for the main dish and you were the only one who didn't have a question mark by their name. . . so plan for 24." Oh boy, it took all my power to restrain from yelling, "What the crap woman, you make a main dish to serve 24!!" I held my tongue and then proceeded to text Jared about the crazy RS lady who wants me to make chili for 24 people! So I ran home, got more ingredients for the chili and made another whole batch of the stuff. The whole time I was thinking, "First of all, we'll be lucky enough to get 24 people to this activity and second of all, these ladies probably eat like birds so we're probably going to have chili coming out of our ears after this!!" but I was faithful in my sign up and I made more chili. Haha it would have been pure comedy for you to watch me try and lug all that chili into the church building, but I did it. I was right on all counts though. Less than 24 people showed up and the ladies ate like birds. . . so I came home with a butt-load of chili. I'm never signing up to take food to a RS activity ever again!  But this randomly brings us to the awesome date night we had with our friends Maddi and Alex.

Maddi let me know that her and Alex got tickets to go see the play Sleepy Hollow and they wanted us to go with them. We decided that sounded like fun, so we got tickets as well. A few days later I had the chili fiasco, so I called Maddi up and asked her if they wanted to come over before the show to have chili with us because we had A TON leftover. They agreed so we made a pretty good dent in the leftovers before going over to the show. It was cool because the play was at an outdoor amphitheater in Provo. I had no idea that this amphitheater existed but it's pretty sweet, it's a replica of a castle, so it worked out well for the play. I had never seen Sleepy Hollow before, I was somewhat familiar with the story, at least the Headless Horseman part, but this particular version seemed more like a love story to me than the scary story I was expecting. It was still good though. . . other than the part where I we sat on hard rocks (this is a "castle" amphitheater mind you) and I couldn't feel my butt by the end of it. . . that wasn't too fun :)  After the play we went back to Maddi and Alex's apartment for hot chocolate and to watch the new X-Men. That movie is really good, we highly recommend seeing it! I stole this picture of all four of us from Maddi's blog.

Check out the kid in the skeleton 
shirt behind us. . . baha

I found some random pictures and videos on my camera when I went to pull some pics off of it. We'll start with the pics. Jared and I watched our nephew Drake every once in a while when my sister and her husband were living in Orem this past year. One night he decided that he wanted to play hide and seek. So he made Jared "hide" with him while I tried to "find" them. His favorite places of choice 1. On the other side of the bed, 2. Underneath the coffee table (totally hilarious to watch Jared try to "hide" underneath the coffee table haha!) and 3. Underneath the pillows on our bed. Here was the usual dialouge as I went to "find" them.

Stacie: Walking around the kitchen "I wonder where Biggie went. . ."
Drake: "I'm right here!!"
Stacie: Looking underneath over by the bed "Is he under the bed??"
Drake: "NO!"
Stacie: Walking around to the far side of the bed "Is he on this side of the bed??"
Drake: "NO!"
Stacie: Swinging the bedroom door "Is he behind the door??"
Drake: "NO!"
Stacie: Jumping on the bed and smashing him with the pillows "He's under the pillows!!"
Drake: Screaming at the top of his lungs, then "Do it again!"

And the process would repeat several times until Jared and I told him we were too tired to play hide and seek anymore (ha hoping this excuse will work with our own kids, likely it won't, but we can always hope right?!). One day when my parents were in town we were all over at our apt. and Drake wanted to play hide and seek, so him and Jared went and hid under the pillows in our room. Haha, we snapped a few pictures and Whit recorded Grammy (my mom) finding him, so funny!

His little feet sticking out, too priceless!

Hiding with Bah

Drake keeps telling Grammy to "get away!" in this video :) maybe it's the cackle that scares him?? Haha love you mom!

The other videos I found on my camera were from a few months ago when our niece Halle and little nephew Cole came and had a sleep over at our apartment when Jared's parents were in town. Only two main reasons why Halle and Cole wanted to sleep over, first because Grandma and Grandpa were staying at our apartment too and second. . . they wanted to play our Wii  (Jared and I probably came in at a close third haha) The kids love playing Mario Kart and it's pretty entertaining to watch them! They would start out on either side of the TV and by the end of the race Cole was usually on the other side of the TV and/or two inches away from the screen, pretty hilarious!

Jared and I have some pretty dang cute nieces and nephews, we love hanging out with them!

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Sugar... said...

Stacie! I thought you learned a good lesson from me...you are supposed to BUY the main dish from the grocery store! Next time, right? Ha ha!

That video of Halle and Cole is hilarious! I love how they are practically breaking their arms to bend far enough to make the cars turn! And Cole's nose was probably touching the TV!