Monday, October 3, 2011

Another STG Weekend

Jared and I went down to STG this past weekend to hang out with my family for conference. We had a really fun time and I actually took pictures and videos, so I'm steppin up my game with this post! We couldn't leave Provo till about 7 pm on Friday night because Jared doesn't usually get back from work till then, but we packed up the car and cruised down the I-15 in the Subi. The minute we walked in the door we were greeted by Biggie (my sister's little boy Drake) who wanted to fight Bah (Jared) with his foam sword. So funny!

The next day Jared got up early to go on a bike ride. When he got back from his ride, Drake decided that he wanted to go bike riding with Bah too so we went out in the driveway for some biking. Haha Drake is wearing "unders" now that he's been potty training, and he had no problem wearing his Dash unders to go biking with Bah.

Here's a video from the sword fight and bike riding...


We watched the morning session of conference and then we decided that we would go over to this trampoline jump warehouse place in STG with Whit, Drake and my little brother Wess (aka Snipes, ya know Wesley Snipes, well Whit starting calling our brother Snipes a few years ago and the nickname stuck). Whit had taken Drake to this tramp place before and I guess he likes playing there. It was also really fun for us adults and we had a good laugh trying to do tricks on the tramps and doing our best "ugly poses." Jared definitely wins the contest for ugliest pose (see video below), we all got a good laugh from his rendition of a salmon trying to swing upstream haha! Snipes move was "the pencil" and Whit did a pretty sweet running man!

Biggie thought it was pretty cool to "bum it"
That's Snipes in the background doing backflips... nbd

 Trying to climb up the slide

Don't know what was going on here, but 
I still thought it was a pretty cool pic!

Later that night when the boys were at Priesthood, I went and hung out with one of my best friends Nikki who just had the cutest little baby girl a few weeks ago. It was fun to catch up with Niks and to hold her cute little girl! After we all got home we decided to make a fire, which consisted of turning on the gas fire-pit that my parents have on the back deck haha, much better than getting all smokey and gross! Drake loves to "make fire" and cook. . . correction, burn. . . marshmallows so Jared and I humored him until we had burned through most of the bag of mallows. 

Doesn't look like there is a flame, but there totally was!
I guess the flash on cameras does some trippy stuff or somethin

I love this little grin, so cute

Progression of the Burn. . . 
(These were taken with Jared's phone, so it's got a weird haze goin on!)

Shove the mallow in the flame

 After mallow catches fire, fling stick high into air

Yell at Bah to "BLOW IT!"

Replace charred mallow with a fresh one and start cycle over!

Sunday consisted of conference watching and pigging out on chips and homemade salsa, we loved it! Now it's back to the real world, kind of a bummer but it was fun to get away for a couple of days. 

Today I graded the first exam that my students took this semester. Overall it was less painful than I had expected, only took me about 4 hours instead of the 6-7 hours I was planning for. I'm still loving my class and being able to teach although half the time I leave class with a whole list of things I wish I would have done differently, but I figure that's just how it will be for the first few years of teaching in general so I can't worry about it too much! 

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I loved seeing all the cute pictures and videos! Glad you had a great time!