Monday, October 24, 2011

The Copy Machine Hates Me

I got in a fight with the department copy machine today, and I lost. . . failed miserably. So I got to school early this morning because I needed to print some things off for my class. Five minutes before class started I realized that I had forgotten to print off a transparency with a couple of definitions on it. I ran down to the copy room and spent a couple minutes trying to find a dang transparency to make the copy on and I couldn't find one! Finally I found a box of more flimsy transparencies  (compared to what we usually have) so I grabbed one, shoved it in a tray and ran the copy. Two seconds later the stupid thing jams and I start smelling burnt plastic. . . crap! I opened the thing up but I couldn't see the transparency in there, and not because it's transparent people, I really just couldn't find it! Well I didn't have time to hang around to fix the problem, so I let the department secretary know there was a jam in that part of the copy machine, searched furiously for a regular transparency until I found one, made the copy using a different tray and ran off to class. After my class ended (two hours later mind you) I went back down to the copy room to assess the damage and it still smelled like burnt plastic, bad news. The secretary had tried to pull out the jammed transparency but wasn't able to find it either, so they had to call in some pros to fix the dang thing. I went back to my office to work on my thesis and a couple hours later the secretary swung by to show me the bill. . .  500 dollars later and the thing was fixed!!! Oh my gosh I totally freaked out! The secretary actually thought it was pretty funny because somehow the department has a deal with the service company where the department doesn't have to pay for the service so she was just giving me a hard time because it was really kind of funny, who seriously burns up the copy machine?! Moral of the story? I'm never using a flimsy transparency ever again, piece of junk!

After that drama, I spent the rest of the day in class and then grading exams. I always appreciated it when teachers got my tests graded and handed back quickly so I've been trying to get my students' tests graded fast this semester so I busted them out all in one sitting. But now I'm exhausted and am going to bed. . . peace out


Clary said...

aweeeeeee.. Such bad lucky you are :P lol, I think you could explain this story to the department in order to save 500 bucks. I usually order this to copy machines company and they do the rest :D pretty easy huh? :D lol

justin albert said...

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