Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coins for Kids

I honestly have no idea who even reads my blog, so I'm not exactly sure how far this will reach, but I wanted to spread the word about a non-profit organization called Coins for Kids. The goal of the organization is to provide Christmas for kids in St. George whose families can't afford any gifts. My family has been involved for over 10 years ago, just shopping for kids and helping to wrap and deliver presents. Some of my most favorite Christmas memories are from volunteering with Coins for Kids. A couple years ago Jared and I volunteered to deliver gifts to the families. He dressed up as Santa and I was his Elf, we had to stuff pillows up his shirt to plump him up haha. You can't even imagine the looks of joy on the kids faces when "Santa" knocked on the front door!

My dad is one of the main organizers of Coins for Kids now and he told me this morning that they are about $75,000 short of their goal of $125,000. All of the money that's donated to Coins for Kids goes directly toward providing Christmas for over 2000 kids down in STG. You can donate online at the link below. Please help out if there is any way that you are able to do so, even $5 will go a long way!

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