Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This will sound kind of funny but a friend of mine reminded me the other day that I used to write my own songs on the piano back in the day. I took piano lessons for about a year or so when I was 8 or 9, somethin like that, but it didn't last very long because I hated practicing (shocker ha). In high school I picked it up again after I heard this same friend, Kayla, play the Titanic theme song on the piano. I don't know why, but I thought the song was so dang beautiful on the piano and I was determined to learn how. Haha, I was terrible at reading sheet music so she just showed me what to do with my hands and I memorized it by ear. It took me about 3 months to finally get it down but I was really proud of myself when I did! My poor family, that's the only song I knew how to play so they probably wanted to break my hands after hearing it a million times! I learned a couple of others songs that Kayla showed me how to play and then I started just messing around and coming up with my own stuff. I made really crappy recordings of those songs, and it made me laugh going back and listening to them again today because they aren't all that great, when at the time I thought the were awesome :)

I took lessons again for 5 months or so and got better at reading music. I eventually bought my own piano which is currently sitting in my parents basement.  I still can't play a ton of songs, and I'm even worse now because the only time I ever play is when I'm in STG, but I seriously love playing the piano. I'm pretty sure God knew I would need some outlet for my emotions so he led me to Kayla, who got me back into playing. I love how when I'm mad I can just slam it and get everything out, and I love how when I am sad I can play it slow and sad. I love how I can play it happy and upbeat, or I can play a hymn and show reverence. Whoever created the instrument is a genius and I'm grateful that I'm able to play, even if I'm not the best and there is no way on this planet I would ever play for a lot of people (I tried that a couple times and it was pretty traumatizing).

The last time I wrote a song was way back in 2008. I've actually got a video of it, which I'm grateful for and part of the reason I'm blogging about it because I don't want to loose it. I've never written any of my songs down on paper, so I've forgotten how to play most of them, but at least I have this video if I ever want to go back and figure it out again.

PS- If you are one of my students and reading this post for some reason, I'll have you know that I had to use proportions to shrink this video down so it would fit in the post, take that!!

In 20 years when we can afford it, I want this piano. . . I'll just keep dreaming until then!


Maddi McKenna said...

Wow Stace! Im very impressed! And I would like that piano someday, too. :)

Nashelle said...

Awesome. And since I've already taken the final I've totally forgotten what 'proportions' are. Oops. ;)

Momma G. said...

I think you are very talented and I love that there is at least one person in the family that can play the can play mine anytime you are here...and it's fun to have a dream!!!

K-Rae said...

Good Memories! I'm so glad you are getting back to your playing. I loved hearing your song again!

Sarah Hinckley said...

Awesome Stace! I had no idea that you were so talented! Hahaha...just kidding (we all know you have great skills). But, pretty, and a good piano isn't fair for the rest of us :)