Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Apartment

The reality of moving has been setting in this past week. It's kind of funny, but I think something I will miss the most is our apartment, weird I know. You always hear old people reminisce about the good ol' days of being dirt poor and living in a crappy little apartment, and I honestly think I'll turn into one of those people down the road haha! We both love our place and are really going to miss it when we move! So for my own sake, I'm making a list of things I want to remember from the three years we'll have lived in this apartment

Year 1

- I learned how to cook
- We went on our Caribbean Cruise. . . best vacation ever
- We learned that neither of us is as easy to live with as we expected before we got married
- Jared met my little brother for the first time
- I did my student teaching
- I got accepted to grad school and Jared got accepted into the BFA program
- Jared learned how to be a graphic designer (many long nights spent on the computer in the family room)
- I graduated from college

Year 2

- I finished my first year in the grad program
- We bought a bike for me
- Jared did an internship in SLC
- We went on the family beach trip up to the Oregon Coast
- We learned how to fight and then how to compromise and get over it
- We started watching white trash reality TV, thanks to my bro-in-law's influence!
- Spent many nights hanging out with our siblings at Whit and Chris's house

Year 3

- I learned how to plunge the toilet lol
- Jared learned how to make potato soup
- Jared graduated from college
- I've taught up on campus and have LOVED it, best job I've ever had!
- We bought our first big purchase together. . . the Subi
- I learned how to take care of newborn babies by helping my friend Dana with her twins
- Jared got his dream job
- I bought a sweet Patagonia down coat in preparation of the nasty Wisconsin winter's
- I'll finish my thesis and master's program

The list could go on and on, but I don't want to bore people. It really will be sad to leave this place though, it's been our first home and we've made alot of great memories here.  We've also made a bunch of really great friends who we are sad to leave!

I was looking through my camera and came across some random pictures


This was our New Year's Eve dinner, we definitely ate the whole thing!
. . . in one sitting. . .  
Amazing margarita pizza from Nicolitalia!

Jared taught Big how to play games on his iphone
he created a gamin' monster!

Valentine's dinner. . . that's salmon, not tofu or
some other weird looking substance on our plates! haha

I came across these pictures of Wisconsin in the winter
this is the doom we have to look forward to next year. . . 

On the left is downtown Madison

Some random stretch of farmland


Momma G. said...

Ah...that was fun to read all that! You will always remember your first little place you called "home". Love you both!

Joy in the Journey said...

Did you never go #2 at home until your third year in your apartment?!! Wisconsin will be such an amazing adventure for you both. I can't wait for you guys to get settled and start enjoying it.

Stacie and Jared said...

Haha Sheena, I just made Jared plunge the toilet if it ever got clogged :)

Dana and Chase said...

Oh theme ories, I loved reading this what a good idea! Love u!

Dana and Chase said...

Stupid auto correct it was supposed to say oh! I loved this, not oh theme ories ha ha