Sunday, March 18, 2012


This weekend Whit and Chris came up to Provo/SLC so that they could go skiing and hang out with some of their friends. They brought Drake with them and I spent Friday and Saturday watching him while they skied. It was really fun! They all stayed at our apartment on Thursday and Big was pretty excited to be having a sleepover with B. We set his bed up in the family room and I slept on the couch by him. On Friday I took him swimming at a cool indoor pool up in Lehi. That kid could seriously spend hours and hours swimming. Luckily we went during the day when it wasn't so busy and he pretty much had free reign of all the toys and slides. We watched Puss in Boots later that night and crashed early. On Saturday he got in his fill of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mario Kart in the morning and then I took him to the Nickelcade (a five cent arcade for those of you who are unfortunate enough to have never experienced the awesomeness of a Nickelcade!). He went straight to the race car and motorcycle games and we spent the majority of the time playing those. Later when Whit and Chris got back from skiing we met up with some of their friends to get dinner and then let all the kids play at the Provo River Beach Resort. That place is pretty sweet, check it out if you haven't been there! It was nice to have those three around this weekend.

Haha I had some hilarious conversations with the Little Man, he seriously says some pretty funny crap. Here are some highlights

"When I get bigger I'm gonna drive B's car!"

"I'm gonna come visit B and Bah in Wisconsin when I am two fives old. . . " (and from his mouth it sounded like "Winsconsin" haha)

He was telling me how one of his friends he plays with who is a year younger than him is a little baby, I asked him what he was and he said, "I'm a man!"

I was singing and dancing in the car and he kept saying "B, stop that singing! B, stop that dancing!" I didn't and finally he shook his head and said, "B, you're makin me crazy!" haha

Jared started his job at Trek and so far he's really been liking it. He'll be working on stuff related to the mountain biking aspect of the company. This past week he redesigned a website for one of Trek's mountain biking teams. He's been able to meet some nice people out there and I think that he really likes the guys that he works with so that is good. Obviously it's not that fun living apart, but the fact that he has a job that he loves makes it a little more bearable for now!



Momma G. said...

So glad you had some company over the weekend. Drake is so adorable! What is Jared growing???

Josh and Kensey said...

How fun!! Does Drake make you baby hungry???:) I'm so excited for you to have children, they'll be the cutest!! I miss you... alot!!!

Josh and Kensey said...

Oh and I just read your dating memories post, I LOVED it!!! You two sound so cute together.

Joy in the Journey said...

That's so fun to have a sleepover. Hannah loves the
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse also! She literally can be playing all quite and the second that show comes on she notices. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.