Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Break

For the first time since being at BYU, I actually had a Fall Break!! Thank goodness for student teaching, and for having my schedule on line with the public schools! I got to spend the long weekend down in STG with my family. It was great because my grandma was in town from Ohio and I hadn't seen her since my wedding back in May. We spent most of the time just hanging out at home, making good food, and playing with my sister's baby. He's such a cute kid, except he smells like spit up all the time! His favorite thing to do is puke everywhere!

The little chow hound

Haha, I love his little pot belly
and the fact that even though a huge box of toys,
he'd rather play with books


Melissa Adams said...

such cute pictures! looks like such a fun weekend. jealous that we don't get a fall break. seriously what gives?? i still need to see you wicked bad!! bad friend award goes to me..hope everything is good!

Whitney and Chris said...

Love the pics! I'm going to steal them. Love you and am so glad that you got to hang out with Big! Get used to the puke... it comes with the kids!

Josh and Kensey said...

He is adorable!!! I'm glad you got a break from school, I bet it was overdue!

Mikell said...

FUN! I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...


How the heck are you woman!? How is married life treating you?? Are you just loving it?? Your wedding pictures (that you have up) are BEAUTIFUL and I have to laugh you dork about the cheek implants, nose job and weight loss when you edited the pictures! You look great in all of them!

What is new?? When will you have some Stacie babies running around?!