Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fridays. . .

When I was in middle/high school I lived for Fridays. There was always something to look forward to on Friday night, whether it was a game, a party, or just hangin out with a few friends, there was always somethin fun going on. School always seemed to drag on those days, but luckily our school was amazing and we were let out at 12:40 pm on Fridays which we all loved.

Now that I'm back in a middle school (in a completely different role obviously) I wish that our school let us out at 12:40 on Fridays. Not only would it be great for the kids, it would be great for the teachers too. . . This past Friday was a crazy one in my 6th period class. 6th period is my "tough" class to begin with, but Friday turned the kids into little crazies! I seriously couldn't get them to settle down the whole class period and there are only 16 kids in the whole entire class! Haha there were a couple of funny moments though. . .

At one point I asked the kids a question, don't remember what it was, but as I was asking the question I folded my arms and kinda leaned against an empty desk. One girl stands up and imitates my posture and says

"Mrs. Gibbons, why do you fold your arms like this? It makes you look like a Gansta"

Haha, I dunno why I thought it was so funny, but at the time it was just hilarious!

A few minutes later they were starting to get a little out of control and so I had to quiet them down, and I said something like, "I can definitely tell it's a Friday." and this kid says something like, "I know Mrs. Gibbons, how can you expect an entire class of attention disabled kids to function normally on a Friday?" haha, I shouldn't have thought this was funny but it really cracked me up, they just say the most random and funny things sometimes, I don't even understand!

Anyway, those are my funny moments from this past week, gotta love ninth graders. Jared and I have been staying pretty busy though. Jared's classes are starting to get very busy and he has been working on projects non-stop for the past two weeks or so. I feel bad that he has so much to do in his classes, but then I recall how busy I was during my semester of classes and I don't feel as bad for him, at least he's taking fun classes, try taking multiple upper level mathematics theory class (aka, a proofs class of doom!) in one semester. . . it's not fun! We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We watched some of the BYU game, but I am ashamed to call myself a fan of that football team, they straight up pathetic I tell you! Who gets beat like that at home?? They drive me crazy!

Ha, we got a little reprimanded at church today by our bishop. For the past couple of weeks we have been a late to church (our ward starts at 8:30 am, so its really not that hard to be late!) which is mostly my fault because it takes me way longer to get ready than Jared, but we stayed up till midnight last night so you can't really blame me can you?? Anyway, we got to church and luckily there were several other couples there who were late as well so we didn't have to walk in late alone. Sacrament meeting was good, but towards the end, our bishop got up and told us all that we needed to make a better effort to be on time to our meetings on time and all that.

Anyway that's about it, we're just havin fun here in P-town


lovebirds said...

i dont remember ever being like that in junior high. were we like that?

i guess i just forgot what it was like! gosh.. it's been so long!


8:30AM is WAAAAAAAAY early!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for your and your hubby!! I didn't even recognize you from your blog until I started reading it and then saw the pictures of you dressed up in all of your events. Corey and I better have some ball player babies other wise us getting married was all in vain - since we only married each other for genetics jk :) No we aren't planning on kids for at least another two years. By then we figure I will be done with school and Corey with his bachelor's and almost masters and we will have had almost 5 years of married life with no babies!!

Seriously though what is new?!?! I haven't seen you in forever!!