Thursday, October 1, 2009

Field Trip

Well today I had my first taste of school activities from the perspective of a teacher. Today there was a little field trip for all those kids who have good citizenship. . . it was going to be epic, an amazing visit to the IMAX Theater at Thanksgiving Point where the kids got to watch a dinosaur movie! Turns out the movie wasn't all that cool, but the rest of the trip was pretty funny. I volunteered to go as a chaperone (or whatever you want to call it) so that other "real" teachers could stay with their classes since today was only for the 9th graders who were eligible to go. Anyway, I was in charge of Bus 5. . . which happened to be deemed the party bus, and let me tell ya, we were rockin the whole time! Bahaha, just imagine me, another student teacher, forty five crazy 9th grade kiddos and one very cool bus driver! So we get on the freeway to head up to Thanksigivng Point and Bob the bus driver pops a CD in and out blasts "Eye of the Tiger" I honestly didn't know if the kids would hear it over their chatter, but not 10 seconds later, all 45 of them start belting out the lyrics at the top of their lungs!! LOL it was seriously so funny, me and my friend (the other student teacher) were laughing so hard, it was great! The next song was "We are the Champions" and we were treated to some very dramatic karaoke routines by the girls on the bus. Oh man, totally made my whole day, I couldn't stop laughing, they were so funny.

On the way home Brittney Spears came on and I was very surprised at how many boys were hitting the notes "I must confess, I still believe, still believe!" Haha, overall in my opinion the movie was worthless, but being on the Party Bus made the whole trip!


Shopkins said...

What a cool bus driver!! thats awesome! How fun!

Rachel said...

That is stinkin hilarious. Sounds like a way fun field trip. Sorry the movie was lame!

Natalie said...

How fun! That would've been a blast! :)