Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ha, the last couple of weeks I've been thinking alot about high school and all the fun times I had with my friends (most of the memories involve my basketball girls!). I think this is due to the fact that I am around middle/high school kids all the time now. Anyway, I'd been thinking about all of these friends I have, who all happen to be married and having babies, and wishing I knew what was happening in their lives. . . Thank goodness for blogging! I didn't used to blog all that much, but I dunno, ever since we got married I've gotten way more into it, and tonight I happened to blog stalk into like 8 of my closest friends from high school! I know Jared thinks I'm crazy for staying up late to catch up with everybody's lives, but I was just so stoked about it!

Just a quick update. . . this week was spirit week at our school and I've dressed up for "nerd" day so far and tomorrow I plan on participating in "hero" day. . . I've got a good one for that! The kids have all been fun about it though, they crack me up so much! Jared had a bad run in with a tree yesterday that left him with a gash on his head. Don't worry there will be pictures coming soon of all the events of this past week!


Josh and Kensey said...

I am so so so glad that you found my blog!!! I still haven't forgotten about coming down there to hang out, but Josh's work has been CRAZY busy, but soon!! I can't wait!

Kim and Kyle said...

oh my gosh look who it is! I was randomly looking at Kristin's blog and was like Stacie? hm..? I wonder if that's the stacie I know? It took me like 10 minutes to decide if it was you or not because it didn't look like you at all!! Anyways so glad I found it so now we can keep in touch! Our blog is
Love ya!

Kim and Kyle said...

k so just read your comment on my blog so just forget about half of my previous comment haha i'm a spaz!