Monday, November 2, 2009

For Poots

Jared and I are not the kind of people that go all out for Holidays. . . Jared doesn't even like to dress up for Halloween (sad i know) which means we really didn't have any big plans for this Halloween. The only family tradition that I can even remember regarding Halloween was doing "Dinner in a Pumpkin" every year. Don't worry, it's not like we really cook our dinner in the pumpkin, my mom would make stew and then put foil in a carved out pumpkin so we could serve the soup from it. Anyway, I didn't think it was that of a deal, or technically even a tradition, at least not until I got a nasty message from my dear big sister who told me I was a disgrace to the family if I didn't carry on the tradition of dinner in a pumpkin (ha jk Whit, it really wasn't that nasty and I know you still love me!) Funny thing was, Jared and I had gone to the store just that morning to get some groceries and I had bought the ingredients to get soup because I thought a nice hot dinner during this cold fall of doom sounded nice. Anyway I called my sister back and she convinced me that I needed to buy a pumpkin so we could have dinner out of it. . . So here's some pictures for you Poots, hope you are happy I have carried on the family "tradition"!

My amazing pumpkin carving skills!

Jared's version of "artistic photography" which in reality is just a bad angle of my face!

Dinner is served!

He looks so happy about it baha :)

Jared being geeky

Me being geeky

I don't like carrots


Whitney and Chris said...

Oh Bird's the Word! I am so proud of you! Way to carry on the tradition! I expect it to now be an annual event! Our dinner in a pumpkin was also a success. We have even branched out and started inviting friends over too. They love it! Yay for dinner in a pumpkin! xoxo

Melissa Adams said...

so cute i love it! we'll have to work on your holiday spirit my dear...i'm pretty sure i have enough to share :) ps..i still haven't seen your apartment..bad friend award. i like the dinner in a pumpkin idea though that is way cute. hopefully we can find a time soon to get together!

Kathy Musso said...

J Bird,
I'm thrilled you are carrying out the musso tradition of dinner in a pumpkin on Halloween! You could probably use a little less foil, the pumpkin really doesn't flavor the stew! You guys were always so squemish about tasting pumpkin, I just used it for show! Love you!! mom

Josh and Kensey said...

I think that is an awesome tradition!! I think I may have to steal it! Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn said...

That looks delicious Stacie! Some traditions just HAVE to be carried on! You're so cute! Love you! Mom Gibbons