Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

What a week we've had! Jared and I got to spend part of the week in STG with my family and then we spent yesterday and today up here in P-town with Jared's family, so we got the best of both worlds. Here's a brief run down of the week. . .

Monday- Jared and I got to watch our nephew Drake (a.k.a Drool Bucket, Mr. Big, Biggie, Poopy Face, Big Little etc.) for the whole day. It was kind of fun to play parents until he started blowing out his diapers with large amounts of nasty poop! Overall it was very fun though!

Have you ever seen a cuter baby then this kid?!

Tuesday- It was Jared's Birthday! We celebrated with birthday dinner in his honor. . . BBQ Beef sandwiches and spice cake! Then he got to open presents. He got a pretty stash this year. Of course my dad got him a tool set, which Jared loved, and I got him a few other things to open, just random stuff. . . see pics below

Kind of ironic that you would need a screw driver to get into the tool kit!

Some of his favorite treats and then an inside joke with the Lego set!

Wednesday- My parents, Jared and I all woke up really sick, which was a freakin bummer. We all had flu symptoms and we didn't do much of anything except lay around and try not to move.

Thursday- Since we had all been sick the day before we didn't know if we'd even have Thanksgiving Dinner. Luckily when we woke up we were all feeling better so we had a relaxing day with a full blown turkey dinner that night. Jared and I scored great with the leftovers since it was just the four of us. (We didn't want to pass our sickness on to anybody else so my Whit's family didn't come over) My dad, the gem, put up christmas lights for my mom so we had a lighting ceremony after dinner.

Friday- My mom wanted to go door busting with me and Jared, but we wanted nothing to do with it! Instead we slept in for a while and then went over to my sister's house to hang out for a little while before heading back to Provo. Whit had an extra Christmas Tree (a fake one) so she gave it to us and we packed it up in the car and cruised home. We headed up to SLC and met Jared's family at some shops. We found some cool ornaments there. I got a basketball one, of course, and Jared got a cute little snowman. We all went to a movie later, that 2012 movie. It was. . . interesting, and I'll leave it at that! On the way home from Salt Lake, Jared and I stopped at a Wal Mart and got some more ornaments so we could decorate out tree!

Saturday- We went out to lunch with Jared's parents and Mikell. When we got home we decided to go to the mall since Jared had some birthday money to spend. He totally lucked out and got a pair of jeans, two dress shirts and a nice tie for only 100 bucks!! We watched the BYU vs. Utah game, and can I just say that Max Hall is seriously the most inconsistent QB! He seriously drives me crazy, but at least they won. . . miracle. . .

Our cute tree!

Observe: Jared is wearing Vans!! Also, his tie is amazing (I picked it out!)

He was so excited to show me his new outfit, looking pretty good baby

My sweet basketball ornament!

My hair is short! I got it cut a few weeks ago, but these are the first pictures I've taken with the new cut. It's grown on me, I like it now.


Once Upon a Time... said...

I can't believe you and Jared didn't hit the early sales at the stores with your mom. It's always a fun time. Beautiful tree, and I love your haircut!

Melissa Adams said...

Cute post stace! so glad you guys had a fun weekend, it was good to see you as always :)

lehi + sasha said...

so good to see that you guys had an awesome thanksgiving!

p.s you make me want to cut my hair!

Whitney and Chris said...

Thank you, thank you again Bird and Bear! Mr. Big had such a great time with you. So sorry that he gave you the plague! The tree looks fab! A perfect fit for the apartment! Way to go! Love you!

Anonymous said...

What!? K, I'm the worst sister-in-law ever. How did I not notice your hair??? I love it. That movie was weird, Jared looks awesome in his duds, love it that he plays with his old legos when he goes home, and your Christmas tree looks great!!

Josh and Kensey said...

Stace, I love the tree, it's so cute!! Also you need to come to accept blown out poopy diapers, its a regular event at my house! ha! I'm glad you had a great weekend, I love all the pictures! And and Whit's baby is ADORABLE!!