Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I happened to be blog stalking one of my sister's friend and on the birthday of loved ones, this girl happens to list off 100 things about the birthday girl/boy. . . I thought that was a great idea and since it happens to be the birthday of my most favorite person in the world, I figured I'd do the same! So here's 100 things about Jared

1- He was a super cute baby/little boy (I've seen pictures!)
2- He ran cross country in high school
3- He only went to one school dance
4- He is the youngest boy in his family
5- He gets along with all of his siblings
6- He doesn't loose his temper very often (but look out when he does! ha, just kiddin babe)
7- He refuses to drive more then 5 mph over the legal speed limit
8- He is obsessed with riding his bikes. . . road bike and mountain bike
9- He loves to do things outside
10- He likes to go trail running
11- He has a fetish for sweater vests
12- He has smelly feet
13- He can't stand showering in hot water
14- He is extremely patient in almost all situations
15- He is a hard worker
16- He likes to hold my hand
17- He has a cute laugh, and if he laughs really hard his eyes start to water
18- He swears by Miracle Whip (which causes problems in our household since I don't touch the stuff!)
19- He likes to watch HGTV with me
20- He reads his scriptures every morning, and gets up extra early to do it
21- He rides his bike to school every day so I can take the car
22- He has a fun sense of humor
23- He likes to watch movie trailers on the Apple website
24- He always tells me about the cool things he learns at class everyday
25- He leads by example
26- He is the most considerate person I know
27- He loves wearing Chacos, even when it's freezing outside
28- He loves to snowboard
29- He is sad that his brother Blake moved away so they can't go skiing together this winter
30- He will eat anything I make
31- He tells me I'm beautiful almost every single day
32- He has very long eyelashes
33- He has very light green eyes
34- He loves spending time with his family
35- He loves our niece and nephews
36- He always makes our bed every morning
37- He does the dishes without being asked
38- He's OCD about vacuuming
39- He makes sure to spend time with me even though he is SO FREAKIN BUSY this semester
40- He refuses to go to the gym. . . he thinks its lame
41- He went to school in Hawaii for a year before his mission
42- He served his mission in Vera Cruz Mexico
43- He likes to speak Spanish whenever he gets the opportunity
44- He makes funny noises when we are by ourselves
45- He is really good at ultimate frisbee
46- He is not so good at any other sport that requires coordination
47- He is a good listener
48- He doesn't like being in large groups
49- He doesn't like being the center of attention
50- He thinks before he says anything
51- He can be very stubborn sometimes
52- He pays attention to detail
53- He is somewhat of a handy man
54- He is amazing at graphic design
55- He is very humble and doesn't give himself enough credit for the amazing things he does
56- He has to wear glasses sometimes
57- He likes to sing to songs even though he doesn't know the words
58- He talks to himself when he's working on his designs
59- He talks to the TV at times. . .
60- He can't stand "Utah" drivers
61- He gives himself haircuts
62- He has a cowlick on the back of his head that makes his hair stick up like a five year old! haha
63- He doesn't like to dance
64- He doesn't like confrontation
65- He is quick to apologize
66- He usually has something to say about everything
67- He is a happy person
68- He loves to eat chips and salsa
69- He loves to get his back scratched
70- He is very picky about his ties
71- He doesn't like to go shopping
72- He is picky about shirts/shorts/shoes/pants etc. which is why he doesn't like to go shopping (and why I can't stand to go shopping with him!)
73- He checks the weather about 10 times a day
74- He is very loyal to his friends and family
75- He is a good writer
76- He is dependable and follows through on his word
77- He has bowed legs
78- He can't stand fo-hawks and thinks all boys who have them are dumb
79- He doesn't wear cologne, but he still smells really good
80- He will forever be skinny. . . he hasn't gained an ounce since we started dating and I feed him all the time!
81- He gets into these design frenzies where he'll bust out a huge project in just a couple of hours
82- He is a strong person and handles stress well
83- He makes everyday a good day
84- He is a very optimistic person
85- He doesn't let his frustrations linger
86- He is someone that people can count on to get things done
87- He is easy to talk to
88- He always gives me a kiss goodbye
89- He is very kind and genuine
90- He almost got kidnapped when he was 7
91- He is going to be a very good dad
92- He wants to have 10 kids ha
93- He is ambitious and excited about the future
94- He is very talented and good at everything
95- He is always considerate about my feelings and wants me to be happy
96- He always looks really cute in the morning
97- He likes to tell stories
98- He is goofy and doesn't care
99- He tries to help me cook and it cracks me up since he's a pot watcher
100- He is the best husband/son/brother/uncle ever!


Rachel said...

13 is unusual and I want to know the story behind 90

Kristin said...

That is so cute! What a thoughtful tribute to your husband. He sounds like a great guy- married to a GREAT girl!

Whitney and Chris said...

I love Uncle Bear and am SO, SO glad that you found him, bird! Don't ever take him for granted. You are truly one lucky lady!

lehi + sasha said...

stace, i'm stealing this idea. brilliant.

i did 100 things that i love about lehi.
but i'm extremely bored right now.. so, i'm gonna start the list!