Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's finally over. . . well not quite, but at least my undergraduate degree is totally and completely DONE! No more nasty math classes of doom! Convocation was at 8 in the morning yesterday which was killer. I was supposed to be there at 7:30, yeah didn't walk up till 7 so I was in a scramble to get ready! Luckily my glasses covered the bags under my eyes, and the cap covered my sick hair, haha! Anyway it was fun to walk with my friends and to hang out with family afterward. Here are a few pictures of the event . . .

Haha those gowns make everybody look pregnant!

A little blury, but oh well!

Haha, we both look a little tired!

With some of my best friends from school, Rachel and Tori

Haha, I love this little dude!

We've been trying to get Drake to walk this whole weekend, and the other day he finally took a few real steps. We bribed him with some snicker-doodles I had made, he must have really liked them :) Thanks Carolyn for the great recipe!!


Kim and Kyle said...

YAY! Congratulations!

Momma G. said...

Congratulations! Looks like you had a great time with family! Wish we could have been there! Drake is so cute!!! That video was awesome!

Rachel said...

You look great in all the pictures. I wouldn't have known you woke up late at all. Thanks for walking with me!

B-Rent said...

Why didn't anyone tell me about your disappointing. We are going to have to have a talk about this. Ohh....and hopefully you have my blog if not...haha!!

Josh and Kensey said...

how adorable is that video?!! congrats on the graduation! You are so cute! I miss you so much!!