Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning. . . bom bom bom

Please keep an open mind about my post. . . and mom if you are reading this. . . I really am a better wife than this, I promise! So Jared and I were in the kitchen yesterday and he looks down at our linoleum floor and says something like, "Wow our floor is pretty dirty, we should get some more of those swiffer mop thingers." I looked down and had to agree with him. Honestly though, who the heck has time to notice these small things, especially when the lighting in our apartment is not the greatest, and to me the floor always looked a little dingy from the very first week we moved in! Anyway we went to Wal Mart and go some swiffer mop thingys and on the way home Jared gets a call about home-teaching (way to leave it till the very last day of the month baby! ha jk) I proceed to start "mopping" our floor while he's gone. After three swiffer mop pads I knew I was in trouble. . . this floor needed some serious heavy duty scrubbing! So I grabbed a big bowl, filled it with water and a little Comet and used a scrub brush on the whole thing floor. After the first couple of spots I realized just how nasty and dirty our floor was, considering there was a distinct line of brown nasty floor separating the nice pearly white (ha) of the clean floor! Here are the pictures to prove it people. . . I am embarrassed by these, but it's so funny I had to put them on!

Yeah freakin gross I know!

Please, don't judge me! :) To my defense I will point out that I don't think the floors have EVER been this clean, so I honestly didn't realize how bad it was until I started scrubbing. Anyway at least they are white again, just in time for my mom to come into town ;) baha


Emily Blais said...

hahaha! So my parents are coming into town tonight, and guess what I have been doing ALL DAY?? Yup, cleaning. Way to get that floor sparkly clean!! Will you come do mine? Its the last thing to do, and I can't bring myself to do it.... maybe I will leave it for Casey... riiiiight

Carolyn said...

So funny Stacie! I know, it's amazing what you discover when you start scrubbing! Have a great time with your parents!

Natalie said...

Looks great now! :) Have fun with your Mom in town!

Whitney and Chris said...

Oh man! My tile floors are my nemesis! I HATE, HATE, HATE mopping. You should see the nastiness that lies under foot in my house right now! Juice bomb splatters everywhere, dirt and leaves from the backyard project, crumbs that even the dogs won't clean up under the high chair. Ahhh!!! It's sick! But... do you think I'm going to clean tonight??? NOPE, nope, nope! I'm going to move my lazy but from this chair to my bed and watch shows. Yep, that's right, my house is filthy after a weekend of company and I don't care! Way to go on the comet though! I'll pay ya to come clean mine! love you!