Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Quotes

The past few days I've started keeping a record of all the weird/random/crazy things that have come out of Jared's mouth. . . Here are a few of my favorites

-You aren't a monkey, you are my beautiful flower

-If I wear sunscreen, you know what that would say about me. . .that I am a wuss, and I'm not a wuss, I'm a man!

-Ow, my weggie just pinched my butt!

-I am not a nerd bomber!!!

-Stace, when do I ever not wear pants??

-I'll super duty your face!

-I'm in good hands, I eat chicken for breakfast!

-What you think I'm weird?? Well I've got news for you, that's too bad because you're married to me!

-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to head-butt you. . .

-Hey nose picker

Don't worry, more to come I'm sure! I tried to get a recording of him singing Lady Gaga in the shower last night but he somehow figured out my plan and refused to cooperate!


Melissa Adams said...

hahahaha i seriously love j-rod so much! I can hear him in my head saying these things. why hasn't he let me hear him sing lady gaga?? seriously i think hearing that is necessary. asap.

Mikell said...


Momma G. said...

So funny...yup, that's the Jer...

Kari said...