Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fun Night

The past week my little brother Wess has been staying with me and Jared. It has been fun to have him around, and to have Melis around as well. Haha a couple nights ago they got into some random quarrel about spitting on each others' faces or something random like that. (see pics below!) We've had the the past few days off of school, love reading days, so Jared decided to go on a bike ride yesterday. Now it was actually a nice day out, and the poor kid got totally fried on his arms. Pretty nasty sunburn if I do say so myself! Last night Jared and I got to hang out with Whit, Chris, Mr. Big, Wessy and Melis. We went to a good little pizza place where Jared and I shared a huge deep dish BBQ Chicken pizza, it was amazing! We had some great conversation (Musso style. . . meaning it was highly inappropriate at times!) and then headed back to our apt to hang out and watch part of the Jazz game. Too bad they were playing like crap and lost, but oh well! Here are some pictures of the evening, mostly of our nephew cause he is so cute!

Eat pillow Melis!

I think she gave up after this

Yeah that's a pretty nasty tan line!

Hey creeper Jared!

Haha, check out those teeth!

Playin with Melis

He's the cutest ever!

These are a couple of videos from last night as well. Haha, during the second one we were trying to get him to dance a little but he wasn't havin it! He decided that eating crackers with no hands was much more entertaining.


Momma G. said...

He is so cute!!! I'm glad you guys had a great time with your family! Jared, looks like a pretty nasty burn there! Farmer's tan I would say! Love and miss you both!

P.S. Check out my blog entry for today...pretty funny! You might get a good laugh!

Whitney and Chris said...

BTW!!! woot, woot! I just love this new version of your name! Yes, yes I do! Anyways... love the post! Love that my child looks like a four year old in the "teeth" pic, and love the "no hands" video. He is a talented man, isn't he! Well, can't wait to see you and Bear in two days. Party at BTW's place on Thursday night! yay! love you and see ya soon! xoxo