Monday, September 14, 2009

First Lesson

Well today I finally got to teach my first lesson as a math teacher. . . gotta love Algebra! I taught first period this morning and it actually went really really well. The class I taught was the 7th grade Algebra class, so basically they are the smartest kids in school. Lol, I would ask questions like, "How do you think we can figure this problem out?" and not a 1/2 second later there would be about 12 hands up in the air, attached to kiddos that were just about jumping out of their seats with their eagerness to answer. . . A teacher's dream class!!! I was being observed by my BYU Supervisor guy, and he had alot of good things to say about my lesson, so that is a good thing. Evidently, I have good "teacher presense" which means if you were to walk into the room, you would have no problem realizing I am the teacher (which is probably a good thing considering I'm like a foot taller then all the kids!). I think the coolest thing is realizing I'm in the right field, and that one day I'm gonna be a really good teacher. For so long during college I kept questioning why the heck I was putting myself through the torture of all those math classes, but now it's paying off. I'm glad I stuck it out because being around those kids and helping them learn is all worth it. But here are a couple of funny things that have happened. . .

Some kids in class had a debate about whether or not Michael Jackson or the Beatles were more "classic"

One guy in Algebra started singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" and claimed that he just wanted to feel the Gospel throughout the whole day!

My 7th grade Algebra class cheered when they found out they would be taking a test the next day. . . these kids are really in a world of their own. . . I hope they survive high school!

My mentor teacher loves to make random and somewhat lame jokes, like when the answer to number 10 is C. . . it reminds him of "Tennessee" ha

Well that's enough for now, there will probably be more to come in the future!


Whitney and Chris said...

Way to go Mrs. Gibbons! I'm sure you are the best teacher all those math hungry little 7th graders have ever had!! I really can't even believe that you are old enough to be a teacher. Weird I tell ya, just plain weird! Love you!

Shopkins said...

Mrs. Gibbons! Thats so awesome you are already teaching and the kids love you! Congrats!! Stace your awesome!! Hope you are doing well! miss you!

K-Rae said...

Stace! It sounds like you are a great teacher and that the students love you! Shocker. ;) haha. I hope have a good day! Miss you!

Carolyn said...

That was so hilarious reading your comments about the kids! I know you will be a great teacher and Jared is really lucky too!
Mom Gibbons