Monday, September 14, 2009

My Hubby

I'm usually not a huge blogger. . . yeah I keep up every couple of weeks, but never twice in a day, but Jared is busy working on some designs, and I've been thinking the past couple of days about how luck I am to be married to such a great guy. So here are some reasons why I love him, definitely not all of them, but just some

1) He is super quirky when we are alone. . . He likes to make funny growling sounds!
2) How he sits at the computer hour after hour working on his designs, he squints when he is really concentrating and its so cute! I don't even care if he's busy on the computer, as long as I can sit on he couch near him, that's all I need.
3) He still sings random songs all the time. . . and it doesn't matter if he doesn't know the words, he'll sing anyway
4) He makes me lunches sometimes, and leaves me cute love notes
5) Speaking of the word "cute" he refuses to tell me that I'm cute. He claims he can't use it because he is a man, instead he tells me I'm "funny" instead.
6) He always prays at night, and initiates our couple prayer since he knows I'm a slacker
7) How his hair sticks up in the morning, so adorable
8) He let's me use pet names on him like "babe, baby, sweetie, love, lover, jare-bear, jrod etc."
9) He tells me that I'm beautiful even when I'm in my pj's with no make up on and my hair is in a nasty ponytail (I really must have him brainwashed because I can be downright haggard sometimes!)
10) He does the laundry, washes the dishes, vacuums the apartment, and makes the bed every single day without me asking him to do any of it
11) He lets me cuddle with him whenever I want
12) Whenever I call him, he answers with an affectionate "Hey You"
13) He has a really bad biker tan line on his arm and he's proud of it!
14) He let's me buzz off the hair on the back of his neck (I'm a dang weirdo and can't stand neck hair!!)
15) He scratches my back before we fall asleep at night
16) His voice gets all high when he gets excited or worked up about something!
17) He gives really good hugs
18) He makes me feel beautiful
19) He uses funny phrases like "dang it all to betsy!" and "Well craaap"
20) He is constantly complaining about "Utah Drivers" which just cracks me up
21) He watches HGTV with me, and likes it
22) He has really big muscles (You wish babe! ha!)
23) I think he's extremely good looking, but that's just me!
24) He is super affectionate and tells me he loves me all the time. . . usually this is how it goes Jared: "I love you" Me: "I love you more" Jared: "I love you most" Me: "Dang it!" or vice versa, we are funky and have "I love you" battles back and forth with each other
25) He doesn't care if I pick my nose in front of him! (we all do it so don't try to pretend you've never done that!)
26) He is really great with kids
27) He has the more patience then anyone I've ever met!
28) He likes to watch movie trailers online for fun
29) He has confidence in me
30) More then anything I love him because he loves me and we work together to make our marriage a good one!

He picks his nose too!

The biker tan line

He's my mountain man

So good looking!

Love you babe. . . you're all I need, you're everything


Whitney and Chris said...

Two posts in one day Bird?? That's unheard of... and what a great post it was! You found yourself one amazing man. We are so grateful to have the Bear in our family. He is a perfect match for you! Love you both!

Carolyn said...

So cute Stacie! Jared, just one question...did you get that booger??? (I just had to ask...I couldn't resist!) We love you guys!

Luke Photography said...

It felt a bit invasive to read all the reasons why but I did get a good sense of love and affection from the first bit. He's lucky to have someone appreciate him like you do. He is truly loved and that is the most precious thing. I am so happy you two found eachother. - Erin

Rachel said...

Sigh...:) you are so in love, I LOVE IT!