Sunday, September 6, 2009

School Has Begun

Well school is officially back in session for Jared and I. This semester should be really great for both of us though, and I know we're already liking it so far. Jared is in his first semester of the Graphic Design program, and he really likes his classes. He is going to be SUPER busy though! He was telling me about all the projects he has to do and it sounded pretty intense. But he really loves designing so I'm not too worried about him. I am doing my student teaching this semester, and I've already spent most of last week out at the school I will be in. My cooperating teacher, Mr. Olsen, is the coolest old guy ever! He's seriously so funny and all of the kids really like him. I've had a fun time getting to know him and the kids at the junior high. Most of them are in eigth and ninth grade, but I have one class of seventh graders (who are already in Algebra which makes them some of the smartest kids in the school!), and they are seriously the cutest funniest kids in the world! Here is just one quote from this last week that made me laugh so hard.

Mr. Olsen: "Well guys, we have a long weekend coming up, I figured I would need to assign more homework since you are going to have more time to finish it. . . We usually do 20 problems or so, but why don't we have you do all of the problems this weekend instead."

He said this in all seriousness, but of course he wasn't considering there are like 97 problems from that lesson, but anyway, this is the response from one of the more nerdy kids in class. . .

Student: "YES! I'm totally going to do all of them!!!"

LOL, I almost started busting up outloud during class, but luckily I was able to hold it in until class was over! Oh man, it was just so funny how excited this kid got. I dunno, middle school kids are just hilarious, and really cheap entertainment! A few class periods later one of our ninth graders came into class humming the theme to Zelda which made me laugh. Anyway, I decided I was going to keep a log of the more funny quotes from these kids throughout this semester, so there will be more to come!

This weekend, Jared and I came down to STG to hang out with my family. We have spent this weekend at a cabin in Brian Head and it's been really fun! We've pretty much just chilled and not done anything, but I love those kinds of weekends with the family, it's just cool to be together. My sister's little baby boy is so dang cute and precious. We hadn't seen him in like two months, and it is crazy to see how much he has grown! I'm sure my sister will be posting some pictures of this weekend sometime soon. Well I gotta cut this short cause we're leaving, sorry no pics, maybe next time!


Carolyn said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a busy semester! Stacie, I was LOL at your blog comments! So funny! Love you guys!

Whitney and Chris said...

Well, I'm thrilled to tell you that B Squared Photography has it's first official client request! That's right Bird and Bear, your photography services have been requested by Kristen. She saw the pics of us and loved them and wants you to take some of her family if you guys are here for Thanksgiving. I told her that you may not be coming, but she said if you are here and are willing, she'd love for you to take some pics of them! Isn't that great! :) B Squared, the next big photography sensation! Hehe love you guys!

Rachel said...

Mr. Olsen really is so funny! I laughed about 20 times during the lesson. How do the kids sit so stony faced?!