Monday, September 21, 2009

Second Lesson

Well two lessons down and only thousands more to go in my teaching career! Today's lesson went pretty well I guess. . . probably not as good as my last lesson, but today I was teaching my "tough" class so it's understandable. The kids in this class aren't quite as motivated as the last class I taught, really, it's like night and day! But it all turned out alright and I'm happy with how it went. We played a game and it's amazing how a little bit of competition can kick kids in the butt and get them participating.

This past weekend we went down to STG to visit my family, and so I could go to a baby shower for one of my best friends. It was really cool to be able to see some of my friends from high school and to catch up with what they are doing. Alot of them are starting to have babies which makes me sort of want to start having babies too which is really weird because I've always been the one to say that we aren't going to have kids for like 5 years! But I know in reality we aren't ready to have kids yet. . . I'd like to enjoy just being married for a little longer before we strap ourselves down to being responsible for another human being, I'm not mature enough for that! :)


Lindsay said...

Stace, have I told you how excited I am for you to get your master's?? You are going to be an incredible teacher. We need to catch up!

Whitney and Chris said...

oh bird's the word! You definitely need to have babies, but yes... waiting a few years is a good idea! Play with Bear for a bit and get done with school, then have baby gibbons! It will be a party!